Walking the Capital Ring

A good friend and I have started casually walking London’s Capital Ring, a 78-mile walk (split into 15 sections) which covers “open space, nature reserves, Sites of Specific Scientific Interest and more”.

We’re not approaching it in any particular order or to any strict schedule, just whatever we feel like and whenever we’re both free. I wanted to keep track of the dates and routes somewhere, so I’ll be keeping this post up-to-date as we progress. So far it’s been really cool venturing to parts of the city I’ve never visited and exploring London’s quieter spaces and local communities. I’m also tracking the walks with GPS via my Apple Watch, which might offer some nice data for a visualisation at some point.


  1. Woolwich Foot Tunnel – Falconwood
  2. Falconwood – Grove Park
  3. Grove Park – Crystal Palace
  4. Crystal Palace – Streatham
  5. Streatham – Wimbledon Park
  6. Wimbledon Park – Richmond Bridge ✅ 21.10.18
  7. Richmond Bridge – Osterley Lock
  8. Osterley Lock – Greenford
  9. Greenford – South Kenton
  10. South Kenton – Hendon
  11. Hendon – Highgate ✅ 10.11.18
  12. Highgate – Stoke Newington ✅ 22.04.19
  13. Stoke Newington – Hackney Wick ✅ 08.12.18
  14. Hackney Wick – Beckton District Park ✅ 19.01.19
  15. Beckton District Park – Woolwich ✅ 19.01.19